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Starting point for Target Pharma’s creation was on the second half of 1997.

Target once acquired the trademarks from the previous company hadto normalize the market. The company’s growth and development was inevitable once the products changed their formula and packaging.

Founder of the TARGET company is Mr. Th. G. Tsalikis(CΕO on NORMA HELLAS S.A). Later, the management of the company was taken over byhis son G. Th. Tsalikis. Targethas the acceptance of the dermatologists, and its first successes were quickly apparent. Soon after new products were added to the existing ones.The company Target Pharma was dynamically started its commercial activities and expanded quickly to the rest of the Greece, either by itself or by distributors. Target Pharma continues to grow and develop, by adding dynamic co-operations with foreign commercial and first materialsproduction units.

In the year 2000 Target Pharma acquired its own privately owned offices and expanded its store facilities.    

Target Pharma Pharmaceutical Company
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