Body Moisturizers | The right way to keep your skin soft in Summer!



A and Z in body care is good hydration. With small daily habits you will see a huge difference in the look and feel of your skin, so start now!

  • Initially, everything starts … from the inside: make sure you consume 8-10 glasses of water and food rich in vitamins & omega 3 daily, (especially in the summer months), otherwise any attempt to hydrate will stay half!
  • The second step is the shower …! Avoid as much as you can hot water in shower as it causes dehydration of the skin and prefer shower gels with a pH similar to the skin, such as HYDROVIT Mild Softsoap that does not irritate and also has a rich moisturizing composition. Proper exfoliation with a specialized product to remove dead cells is also important.
  • Finally, an emulsion or body cream containing soothing and moisturizing substances such as urea, bisabolol (from chamomile), panthenol & allantoin is what the skin needs for nourishment and regeneration.

Extra tip: Try to spread your moisturizer to slightly damp skin immediately after showering as so absorbed better ingredients and moisture sealed. HYDROVIT Body Milk, Hydrovit Base D-Panthenol Cream & Hydrovit Urea 10% cream are specially designed for hydration and regenerate even the most demanding skin. Preventing and treating pathological conditions of the skin (eg atopic dermatitis or dry skin) and soothe irritation. Feel hydration and discover HYDROVIT ideal product for the needs of your skin. … And for the days of the summer where the skin is damaged by the sun, but also from sunburns an it is recommended immediate regeneration, protection from irritation and inflammation, HYDROVIT Zinco Protective Cream, is your ideal solution