Make Your Hair Shiny & Strong with a few simple Tips!

Hair cells are renewed more quickly than most cell groups. Their length is increased by 0.3 to 0.4 millimeters per day while on average 50-100 hairs lost daily. With a few simple tips and the help of Biotrin Hair Care products, you can ensure rich and shiny hair without damage!

  • Avoid daily shampooing .
  • Use mild and gentle shampoo & special hair conditioner.
  • Thoroughly rinse your hair and dried by dabbing gently without rubbing avoiding their deterioration or getting damaged.
  • Put a special oil product or leave-in product for softness & blade prevention.
  • Use a soft brush to comb your hair
  • We know that sometimes you can not avoid it, but the use of hot appliances such as hair and scissors curling iron or straightener is advisable. Minimize their use or at least made sure that you have definitely apply a heat-product before use
  • Finally, we propose to replace all the accessories that can break the hair (eg rubber) with other more “friendly” to it. !

To enhance the hair’s cellular structure and strength, we recommend, especially in the autumn months that hair loss naturally intensifies, supplementing your diet with the specialized Biotrin Plus Caps Vitamin!